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My mission

Helping people discover the precious moments of life captured through photography 

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"finding the beauty in people's lives. There is beauty in the ordinary, so much so, it becomes extraordinary." 

About me

passions and motivations

I have a profound interest in the diverse stories that make up people's lives. I have always been intrigued how an individuals' experiences shape their present realities.  


I began working with charitable organisations in my late teenage years. Through the work I did with these organisations I found my passion for connecting with people and learning about their unique experiences. 

I realised that I needed to capture these moments, not simply for documentation purposes, but because there was an innate beauty in the everyday simplicity of their lives. As a result I decided to study photography. This decision would prove to be one of my longest lasting and greatest loves in life.

In 2008 I started my career as a professional photographer working initially with stage shows and theatre performances and later diversifying into wedding and couple's photography. 

I opened my first studio in 2012 as Jordana Barale Photographer in Goiania-GO Brazil. Three years later in 2015 I partnered with a fellow photographer and opened my second studio 'Beyond' in the same city.

In 2018 I decided it was time to change my surroundings, I closed my studio, and came to live and continue my photography in London England, developing a sincere love for the city which has shaped and progressed my work in amazing ways. 

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The longest journies

My process today

Today I work with a wide variety of clients, including corporate and marketing, advertising, charity and private commissions.


Through my work with individual commissions I have been able to diversify my range of subject matter which has been a wonderful challenge that has pushed my creativity to new heights.

I particularly enjoy working with people who are open to new experiences and primarily creating a connection before talking business.

My preferred clients are those who are not intimidated by the process of sharing information about themselves allowing me to truly capture them and their story. In this way I am able to gain a positive understanding of my subject and successfully convey their essence.


For me the bases of any positive working relationship is openness, connection, kindness and respect. With all these elements in place it guarantees that, not only my clients will enjoy the process, but they are left with results they love and cherish. 

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