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Photographer with over a decade of experience, specialized in creative photographic direction and screenwriter for her photographic projects. With innovative work in services, Jordana is dedicated not only to photography but also to interpersonal relationships. Thus, it is common to generate lasting bonds with those who are focused on their lenses. She currently lives in London, but have strong actuation in Brazil and destinations photographing several areas that need creative, intimate and personalized results.

Lecturer in photography conferences and mobile photography courses, her has already done work for media, book and CD covers, exhibitions in the cultural area and also works in social works. She has built her career in Brazil with photo essays and alternative weddings, social events, shows and festivals, among others.

Together with photographer Áderson Mendes, her husband, she founded BeYond photostudio in 2015 with whom she worked until she moved from Brazil in 2017. The studio had a high market projection and was very important in introducing new digital photography services in her region. Although successful, the photographer opted to return to the origins of her solo career by signing again Jordana Barale.


Ópera Café Bistrô                        
Goiânia - GO, Brazil  

JAN 17 - FEB 16 - 2019

Chelsea Gallery                        
Old Town Hall, 165-181

King's Road SW3 5EZ, London

FEB 05 - FEB 10 - 2019

London Fashion Week                        
London - UK

FEB 15 - 19 - 2019


Destination photos

Italy (Milan Rome Florence Assisi)

MAR 15 - 19 - 2019

Lecture - Superação Profissional

UEG (Universidade Estadual de Goiás), Goiânia - GO, Brazil

MAY  09 - 2019

Workshop - Mobgrafia e Fotografia Básica

UniEVANGÉLICA, Goiânia - GO, Brazil

MAY  11 - 2019

Workshop - Despertamento do Olhar Criativo

UFG ( Universidade Federal de Goiás), Goiânia - GO, Brazil

MAY  14 - 2019

Workshop - Roteirização Criativa para Fotografia

Faculdade Araguaia, Goiânia - GO, Brazil

MAY  16 - 2019

Workshop - Direção Criativa para Ensaios e Eventos

Ópera Café Bistrô, Goiânia - GO, Brazil

MAY  20 - 2019